"The Sun does not forget the Village just because it is small "

                             of students who struggle to succeed in school are having difficulty because of unmet social and emotional needs, rather than poor academic performance. In communities and systems throughout Connecticut the social and emotional well-being of students is not only especially overlooked, but consciously and unconsciously deteriorated. 


We need your support to give students the tools they need for emotional well-being AND to help schools end their own internalized biases. We do this by teaching mindfulness through meditation, movement, and creativity, and by supporting teachers in understanding how to mindfully deal with personal and structural trauma.

The majority


Every gift counts! Elm Village appreciates all the support given. Thanks to our donors we have been able to spread our horizons to schools and programs throughout Connecticut. By contributing to Elm Village, we can obtain our goal to bring more activities and workshops, fostered to improve social-emotional awareness and help youth gain a sense of purpose. A monthly donation of $50 will cover one student's enrollment cost.  

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