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Youth Coaching

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Personal Career Coaching

The students have to learn when it comes to seeking a career they have to follow their passion, and what they love to do. Take the money and easy work out of the equation. By finding out what their passions are we can show the students the steps to reach their goals. Give the students the opportunity to identify personal career and life goals that align with who they are as individuals. Help them establish short-term and long-term goals and help them understand the difference between the both. We will bring professionals from all different career backgrounds to come talk to the students about their careers. For example, police, doctors, entrepreneurs, bankers, artists, and many more.

Sports Coaching

Sports players have to balance their time with family, school, training, traveling, and competing. The lack of guidance and learning effective strategies to manage each can cause imbalance and stress. This course is geared to assist participants with obtaining peak performance and reaching their full potential, through mental and physical sports training. Our coaches will be there to support them through each step of development. Also, challenging student's weaknesses, highlighting strengths, and finding local resources to help elevate their career in sports.

Entrepreneurship Coaching

Our youth entrepreneurship coaching helps students plan, develop, and market their own profitable businesses. Participants will receive step-by-step business coaching from multiple successful local business owners. The curriculum is project-based learning, full of training to build strong leadership values and skills, strategic business planning/marketing, and identifying strengths/weaknesses. Here we turn youth entrepreneur’s ideas into action and reality. The goal is to get young leaders to find their passions and turn them into business initiatives to help reshape their lives and the world around them.

Arts & Music Coaching

Artists are individuals you are in love with making nothing into a masterpiece. We work with artists seeking a career in the music industry, graphic design, painters, and more.  Emerging artists benefit from coaching, by developing the necessary skills and knowledge needed to express their creativity and imagination. Our Coaches have personal experience and professional expertise working with local artists and celebrities. We measure the success of the artists by monitoring their effectors and evaluating their steps.

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