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Mindful Enrichment Program

Elm Village conducts both school-based and community mindful enrichment courses. In our effort to teach adults and youth, individualized strategies to manage their emotional state better, avoid burnout, and create healthy habits, our facilitators offer onsite and virtual mindfulness training through our Real Talk, Movement, Music, and Mindfulness and Movement courses.



We combine all services to provide the ultimate relaxing experience for participants and cater to persons of all ages and capabilities. Imagine breathing techniques, gentle yoga, and sound healing meditation in one amazing mindfulness session to leave everyone feeling calm, relaxed, and at peace!

Creative Arts

This course is designed to introduce an alternative to meditation. Creative Art is naturally a mindful practice of the way it keeps people focused and concentrated on the task at hand. This course is for people who have no artistic talents to professional artists. These classes will teach participants how to be more intuned and excited about the process rather than the end goal.


Socially Mindful

This course's focus is to improve social emotional management skills. Social skills play a huge role in daily living. Our lectures and activities have been curated to teach participants essential skills to interact positively and build relationships

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