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Ways to Donate

It takes a Village to raise a child. 

Community means more than just your next-door neighbor. The Meaning of community becomes more uplifting and empowering when we come together to expand resources, create a future for our young, and turn a compassionate neighborhood into a thriving city. Our mission is dependent on the contributions and efforts of everybody in the community.

Our community lacks communication and unity when it comes to youth. Elm Village Inc is on a mission to campaign for 1000 altruistic individuals to cease this recurring cycle. Today’s youth is not possibly or maybe the future, they are our future. They need our help to educate them on social emotional intelligence, overall health, and career development. Furthermore, effective habits that can be adapted to their livelihood, such as self-education, healthy eating habits and financial literacy. Knowledge that they can hone in for themselves, also where they can share the information with their families and friends. 


What is an Altruist?


Collins dictionary defines Altruist as a person unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others. Most fundraisers look primarily for people to donate money. Altruists desire to provide donations, knowledge, and resources to help ensure a successful outcome of the focus. Our focus is to provide the Greater New Haven youth with an educational hub that covers their personal and professional education goals. The youth will have the opportunity to have large group and individualized sessions to plan and accomplish their goals. Altruists can tap into their networks to bring forth workshops and host their own fundraisers to help.

Become An Altruist

Make a Difference
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