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New Haven Fashion Club

The New Haven Fashion Club is a 100% youth-led fashion club with the goal of launching a clothing brand. Elm Village created this program to give youth the opportunity to develop real-time leadership, team building, interpersonal, and entrepreneurial skills needed to become successful entrepreneurs. To include trainability, financial literacy, and a finished product to be marketed and sold. While learning these skills students will be exposed to their creative thinking skills, face new challenges, and various career opportunities. Elm Village aims to engage New Haven youth, but not exclusively; ages 14 – 19 in a series of entrepreneurship workshops centered around a project-based curriculum. Each participant will be placed in one of these five departments; Clothing Design, Finance & Sales, Marketing, Multi-Media, and Cosmetology.



An online course designed to teach youth the essential skills to establish a successful business and build a solid network. Upon completion of this program, participants can achieve a certificate of completion.   

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