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Youth Strong

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future."

                                                                                                    -Franklin D Roosevelt


At YOUTH STRONG We've designed a program based around a very true fact. Currently our educational system does not have the capacity to teach students skills to help them build character or find their purpose in life.   

What We Offer


Our tutoring Module will help gear each student to be prosperous in their academics. We’ll be exhibiting multiple studying techniques to help them find the best technique for them. Also, help with any homework and subject difficulties which will include reading, writing, arithmetic and science.

Life skills


The Life skills Module will help the students  develop new skills on how to stay focus, healthy, thrive, and reach goals. Along with helping them learn forgiveness, resilience, adaptability, and communication skills.

Career Development

The Career Development Module allows us to expose the students to various career opportunities, by bring in different professions every day to share about their career and journeys to achieving their goals. Giving the students the opportunity to identify personal career and life goals that align with who they are as individuals. 

Physical & Mental


The physical and mental fitness module will help the students gain energy, better health, reduce stress, build self-esteem, and reduce the risk of illnesses. The students will receive a nutrition class and weekly fitness training.

Watch Now

The Message

The things Jay Shetty mentioned in the video can't be more truthful and emphasized. When trauma happens in teenager's life, the subjects in school won't help them heal. An honor roll student can lose complete focus and drop out of school due to the traumas they face at home and in their environments.

When I lost one of my best friends at 13 years old, I gave up playing basketball because we use to play it together and every time I played, I was reminded of her. No one taught me that I could lose someone so close and so young or how to process losing someone I love. 

Values, Resilience, Determination, and Passion weren't things that we were taught in school or at home because most of our parents weren't taught such. These critical attributes and life skills such as maintaining credit, budgeting money, and acquiring residual income are essential to help navigate life and so much more.  

Teens today try to fix their current situations and circumstances with problem solving skills they possess and inherit from the media, just like most of us adults. This response is counterproductive and more often than not makes matters worse. Mainly because they've never learned or developed the right techniques to take on those complex circumstances.


Sadly this often leads to teens giving up on trying to be successful, happy, in good health, and having positive relationships. Tragically, young men and women are giving up on their life before it truly begins.

I won't allow this happen to your teen. In this group youth will learn the skills, tool, techniques and strategies that will help them become successful in all aspects of life including academics. Through our group leadership and mentorship we will help your teenager become more responsible, accountable, and productive in their young lives.


As the famous Chinese proverb states "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime". Your teen will implement the tool they learn in our program in their everyday life.

What Students Say


"Before I felt lost and thought the streets was all I had but now I see that there's so many more opportunities out there for me. He taught me how to deal with situations like being overwhelmed with school and the traumas of life. "


"Working with Keemy has giving me lifelong tools that can be implemented into both my personal and professional life giving me a new outlook and understanding of myself and my environment. "


 "Keemy seen something in myself that I haven't seen in years. He puts his time into everyone in group and outside of group. Group helped me open to expressing my feelings and about the situations I found myself, by listening to others in the group disclose personal information."

​Who Can Join

  • If your student is between the ages 13-19 and lives in the New Haven Area, they meet the requirements for our group.

  • Group meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3pm to 6:30pm at our location downtown New Haven.

  • Transportation is currently unavailable. All local city buses come to our location. We are currently working on obtaining transportation and meals.​

  • The group only allows 40 students. So book your student's spot fast.​

  • Our Program is FREE!​

  • Allow us to assist your teen with building their character and mindset, so they can because successful in all aspects of life.

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