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Host A Fundraiser

Host a Party

Parties are not about the food, drinks or activities.It’s all about the people in the room, while eating, drinking and having fun. Some of the most successful fundraiser happened with a room full of friends and family reconnecting and enjoying each others company. This is a great way to create memories with the people you care about and give back all in one occasion. 

Image by Samantha Gades

Game Night

Game night is for the people that come to win or just come for the laughs.  Either preference is more than a reason to have a night full of  laughter, joy, and impact. Playing Family Feud, Board Games, Cards and more with companions for bragging rights or for a prize, the choice is yours. Inform your company that the night of festivities is a fundraiser for Elm Village. 

Playing Foosball

Sports Event

Are you thinking of hosting a skating, bowling or an outdoor event? Maybe you're thinking about inviting folks over to watching a big sporting event on TV. Sports has been the biggest source of entertainment since wrestling was created over 15,000 years ago. Sports gets the community out and fully involved in raising funds for charities and nonprofits. Invite your family, friends and community out of the house for a day of activities and a greater purpose. 


Image by Alyssa Ledesma


Host an evening of Dinner, Cocktails and Fun all while celebrating the great programs of the Elm Village. 

Wedding Tables
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