Partnered Organizations


Columbus House’s mission is to serve people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless by providing shelter and housing and by fostering their personal growth and independence.

Copper Beech Institute applies mindfulness practice to the most challenging issues of our day by offering retreats and trainings to ensure personal well-being, the health of the earth, and the peace of the entire human family.


EMERGE Connecticut, Inc., is a self-sufficient social enterprise with a dual commitment to helping formerly incarcerated persons and at-risk youth make a successful return to their families as responsible members, and to their communities as law-abiding, contributing citizens.

New Horizons School for Higher Achievement in New Haven, CT provides a safe, stable and encouraging environment where all students can develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become responsible citizens of society.


United Way advances the common good by creating opportunities for a better life for all.  Our focus is on education, income and health – the building blocks for a good quality of life.  United Way recruits people and organizations who bring the passion, expertise and resources needed to get things done.


Recovery House, a part of Columbus House, is a short-term program for 17 men (including 7 Veterans) who are awaiting placement in sober housing, treatment programs, or permanent housing with out-patient treatment support.





Clifford Beers Clinic is part of the New Haven Trauma Coalition.  The Coalition includes New Haven Public Schools, the City of New Haven, and the United Way. The Coalition delivers care coordination, provides directs trauma care, screens children for stress, and provides trauma trainings to the school workforce.

Harkness House, affiliated with Columbus House, provides housing and support for 14 homeless male Veterans, connecting them to services, expanding their social and employment skills, and encouraging re-connection to their communities.

Musical Intervention’s mission is to inspire people to learn and grow by helping them write, record, and perform music. Utilizing the power of music, participants become encouraged and inspired to overcome obstacles in their life.



The Connecticut Mental Health Center is part of a new vision:  to treat people with mental illness in their communities, to provide a place for researchers from many fields to find new treatments, and to teach professionals in the care of mental illness. Founded in 1966, CMHC provides care to more than 5,000 people a year.

New Haven Insight is a meditation community dedicated to the practice of mindful awareness and compassion, with the goal of decreasing (and ending) stress and suffering for all beings.